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At Mundo Latino, we aim to provide students with an experience where they are able to discover the Spanish language, culture and mysteries. We provide our students with personalized classes by teachers who are trained professionally in Spanish grammar and who also express a passion for sharing the art of learning. Each of our teachers is highly qualified and comes to each lesson with over 10 years of teaching experience in Spanish as a second language. Mundo Latino was started by Spanish teachers in Guatemala who wished to continue teaching classes from their homes while on maternity leave. Since its start in 2010, Mundo Latino has reached students all over the globe and provided excellent learning experiences for all language levels.

So easy to start!

All you need to take these classes is a computer with Skype installed and internet connection. Please contact us on info@proyectomundolatino.org to arrange first 30-minute lesson, which is free! During this lesson you will meet your teacher who will assess your incoming language level. You and your teacher will also decide on a schedule that works for both of you, as well as any further specifications to do with your classes.

Spanish classes for different levels

No matter whether you are beginner or advanced, the aim is to acquire communicative competence so you can understand, express yourself and interact approriately in various real-life situations. The classes will be tailored to match your specific needs.

Conversation classes

There's no better way to practice a language than by speaking! These classes are focused mainly on conversation for those students who already have some grammar background (or a lot!) and want to maintain or improve spoken Spanish and listening abilities.

Our Work

Spanish for Travel

If you don’t feel like taking a complete grammar course and just want to survive in a Spanish speaking country, this is exactly for you. It is designed mainly for beginners with no prior knowledge of Spanish. Whether you are planning on traveling, studying or volunteering, knowing a little bit of Spanish beforehand can make a big difference when you are abroad and can significantly improve your experience.





Your lessons can be designed to give you a knowledge of a specific field of action. Our teachers are trained in:

            • Business Spanish
            • Medical Spanish
            • Legal Spanish
            • Spanish Social Work
            • Banking Spanish
            • Spanish for Primary school Teacher

On top of this, we can also prepare you for a job interview.  For these lessons, it is advisable to be at least at Intermediate Spanish level.




Spanish for kids

We also have a program, which is specifically for kid. It focuses on their interests in a creative way and is easy to learn. For this we use different pictures, presentations, videos and an interactive electronic board. The lessons are 45 minutes long to maintain the kids’ attention.



Bilingual Teacher 4th grade.

Harlingen, Texas, USA

I loved my classes with Milena! I sought out a Spanish teacher when I learned I would be teaching a bilingual class of fourth graders on the Texas-Mexico border. Milena helped me immensely with grammar and speaking skills. Because of the classes I took with her, I was able to pass the BTLPT (Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test) on my first attempt. I highly recommend classes with Milena! Her classes are always fun and engaging (she is so easy to relate to!), but also rigorous. I’ve had many Spanish teachers over the years, but Milena is truly the best of the best! Gracias Mile!

Kally Bowser

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Prague, Czech Republic

​I have studied with Milena for more than a year and I enjoy every class with her. After the year studying together she is not only my teacher but I also consider her as my good friend. She has introduced not only Spanish language but also her country and Latino culture. She is always in a good mood, smiling and very patient. She always encouraged me and I like studying with her a lot. It is a real experience with language and not just consuming of vocabulary and books.

Linda Flanderova

Farmworker Justice  Lawyer

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Milena is a fantastic tutor whose flexibility really helped me get to a level of Spanish fluency I needed for my job. She worked with me on my specific needs and worked with me both on learning the fundamentals and on practicing situations in which I’d be speaking Spanish at work. Thanks to her, I can work with my Spanish-speaking clients without the need for an interpreter – and I’m able to do much better work because of it .

Dave Mauch

Vermont, USA

Milena has tutored my three children (17, 15 and 11) for more than two years via Skype.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She has gotten to know each of the children and tailors the classes to their individual interests and skill levels.   She is remarkably good at engaging them and keeping their interest, such that they actually seem happy and motivated each week to participate in the class.

Hannah, Clarita and Sam Reilly

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